Calendar of Classes

View our calendar of classes to see all of our current course offerings. Click on each class to view a more detailed course description. Click here to view the Calendar of Classes »



Group Classes

Take a look at our classes and if you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call. It is our goal to provide the greater Olympia/Lacey area with affordable and conservatory quality personalized classroom instruction! Learn about our current offering of group classes including: Band & Percussion, Piano, Keyboard & Synthesis, Choir & Vocal, and Guitar & Rock. Click here to learn more about our Group Classes»



Private Lessons

At Tuned In our primary focus is on group instruction. This is because we believe that music is best learned, created, and enjoyed in community, as we are immersed in it and sharing it with others. Many musicians want private lessons however, some may want them as a supplement to group instruction, and some may just want a more customized format between them and the musician-educator. Click here to learn more about our Private Lessons »



Online Lessons

We realize that not everyone has the ability and opportunity to take private lessons due to time, schedule, or location. And it is our heart to teach music to all who want to learn! So with that in mind, we do offer Skype lessons as our schedule allows. With the advent of free and reliable webcam programs like Skype or Facetime, private music lessons are now becoming a reality for people all over the world. In fact, see this excellent…Click here to learn more about our Online Lessons »



Mentor-Study Program

Do you already play an instrument and read music, at about a seventh grade level or above? Would you like to study at the academy, have fun, and continue developing as a musician for free? Our mentor-study program just might be for you! We are looking for music mentors. Our goal is to have one mentor in every instrument section, in each class. This will provide our students with not only quality instruction from trained and professional musician-educators, but also from peer mentors who have been where they are much more recently. Click here to learn more about our Mentor-Study program »



Sounds in the Streets

We want to serve the poor of the Olympia area through music education and caring for their basic needs. And we hope that others would do this in their communities as well. Our hope is not just to feed the homeless, but to teach them to fish (sort of). We don’t actually want to teach them to fish. But we want to teach them to play music. Just as giving someone a fishing pole will feed them longer and more than giving them a fish, we believe that teaching music to the poor will open up far more than just an opportunity to provide for their basic needs, but we believe it can do that too. And we do hope to be able to feed the poor when they come for a class as well. Click here to see the latest news of our Sounds in the Streets program »