October 10, 2013

Four Practical Reasons Why Everyone Should Study Music:

Recently I discussed four simple reasons your child should study music. Really at least three of those four reasons apply not just to children, but everyone. Music education is not just for children, it’s for everyone! Because music is a necessary part of human existence. Here are four practical reasons why everyone should study music:…[READ MORE]

September 25, 2013

Why Should My Child Study Music? 4 Simple Reasons

More and more parents are making the choice to home-school today, and we applaud that choice. We home-school our children as well. But many home-school children do not have the opportunity for instrumental or vocal music instruction. In North Thurston County alone,  home-school students number at least 200, and this only reflects those that officially…[READ MORE]

September 20, 2013

Put us in Your Pocket (Dear Band Director, Private Music Teacher, or Parent of a band/private music student)

Dear Band Director, Private Music Teacher, or Parent of a band/private music student: We are not here to steal students. I know that’s a rather abrupt statement, but I think it needed to be said. I think it necessary to tell you a little bit about why we are here and what we hope to…[READ MORE]

July 23, 2013

What Instrument Will Be Best for Me: Your Instrument, Your Voice

This is my newest toy. OK, it isn’t a toy, it is a custom made professional pocket trumpet. But to me it is a joy and a lot of fun, not unlike a toy for a musician- but it is capable of serious music for sure. As we approach the coming school year, many parents…[READ MORE]