Our mission is to train students of all ages to create music with excellence and to see its greatest value not in the music itself, but in how it can serve others.


As a non-profit, we also exist to provide music education to everyone, and strive to make it accessible to those most in need of community, hope, and freedom from poverty, addictions, and pain.



Values drive an organization’s mission.

Beginning Band (Instrumental Immersion) Fort Smith, AR 2012.

Beginning Band (Instrumental Immersion) Fort Smith, AR 2012.

At Tuned In we value people. In fact, while we love music, we realize that it is merely an art form, an expression, and a medium. We value community (and people) as inherently more valuable than any medium or man created thing- including music.

We value children. This is an important distinction. We value children, which means that we appreciate and accept that children are children and we do not wish that they should be forced to grow up too fast, nor will we force them to grow up too fast. We also realize that not every child is the same and not every child will learn the same way. To that end, it is our desire and mission to be as sensitive, creative, and flexible as we can be in teaching both our children and yours.

We value presentation over performance, because music is more than mere entertainment or amusement, but art, and a gift to be presented. We emphasize and value presentation of music, and ministry to others through music over performance: because if music is made merely for the sake of amusement and entertainment then it has little validity as art.

We value what is pure, which is to say that we value what is honorable, true, and respectful of the human dignity of others. We reject what is profane, disrespectful, and untruthful.

We value justice, which includes an outright rejection of all injustice, and also a living out of this value through music that raises its voice for the voiceless and those who suffer injustice.