May 24, 2017

Video at TIA!

We are excited about Bryce, our new percussion faculty member at TIA, who is also a video guy. We had a team meeting this weekend to discuss how we can use video to help us create meaningful supplemental content for our students. The plan will increase the value of the education our students receive, provide…[READ MORE]

May 12, 2017

Why TIA? Part 3

Public and Private School Students In this post I will continue answering the question, why TIA, in regards to public and private school students. See post one and two here. Many students in our public and private schools want and need something they simply can’t get at their school. You won’t find group classes in…[READ MORE]

May 11, 2017

Why TIA, Part 2

In this second post answering the question, why TIA, I will focus on the why in regard to adults. The first post focused on why we are here in regard to meeting the needs of homeschool families. See that post here. Adults We don’t exist just for homeschoolers, though we love our homeschool families. We…[READ MORE]

May 7, 2017

Why TIA (Part 1)

Music is not just an extra-curricular activity or something that only certain pockets of people should study. Music is a need for all people. Ethnomusicologists have described music as one of the most essential forms of human expression and something that all people need on at least some level. Music is art. Music is a…[READ MORE]

Current Classes with Openings

Current Classes with Openings                             Piano Lab (ongoing class with open enrollment) This is a great opportunity for students that have about a year of piano already and want to continue. This class meets Mondays 3:30-4PM. Tuition is just $40 a month,…[READ MORE]

One Easy List of All New Summer Classes

One Easy List of All New Summer Classes                   Summer Semester starts July 5! All of these classes are for beginners except where marked* Click on the linked text for more details on each class. Schedule may fluctuate as we are busy and still enrolling private students…[READ MORE]

April 26, 2017

Welcome Bryce to the TIA team!

Bryce is originally from Oklahoma, holds a degree from Missouri State University,  and is excited to be in Olympia and joining the TIA team! Bryce is an experienced bassoonist and percussionist that also plays guitar and piano. He spent most of his college years working with the marching percussion and he loves working with young…[READ MORE]