One time Registration Fee



Regular Small Group Master Classes Monthly Tuition

All regular classes (KAB, Vox Acapella, GAB Teens and Adults, Songwriting, and Brass Lab)


That is quality music instruction at just $20 an hour! That’s affordable quality music education, and that’s what we are all about. You won’t find value like that anywhere else. This is also half of what you would pay for an hour of private lessons!


Senior Discount

We gladly offer a 50% discount on regular class tuition to seniors.


Elementary Small Group Master Classes Monthly Tuition (Rhythm & Melody, Instrumental Immersion, KAB Kids,  and GAB)


That is quality music instruction at just $13.50 an hour! That’s affordable quality music education, and that’s what we are all about. You won’t find value like that anywhere else.


Combo Class/Lesson Monthly Tuition

With the combo you get one 30-minute personalized private lesson on your instrument AND one 60-minute class session each week with your peers where you can learn, create music, and have fun in a group environment. This a tremendous value because you get the best of both worlds: private individualized teaching, and group instruction in the very important group environment.


That is just $30 per week for 90 minutes of music instruction ($20 for the half hour lesson and $10 for the 60-minute class).

We are also always seeking partners in the community who seek to sponsor students with the gift of music education.


Private Monthly Private Lesson Tuition

Private Lessons, just like our classes, are tuition based. Tuition is based on budget needs for the academy (which is a non-profit). Most months will have four lessons every month; some will have five depending on the length of the month. Months containing Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break and Memorial Day, and summer break may have less as well. Tuition is based on the total number of lessons offered annually, so the monthly installment amount remains the same. 

There are no refunds for student-missed classes. Makeup lessons are strongly encouraged. We will work with you as best we are able to offer makeup lessons as our teachers and schedule allow. Please plan accordingly.


Weekly 15 Minute Lesson (recommended for young beginners ages 4-5)


Weekly 30 Minute Lesson (recommended for beginners ages 6-9)


Weekly 45 Minute Lesson (recommended for vocal and piano students at level 2 and up)


Weekly 60 Minute Lesson (recommended for older/advanced students piano and vocal)


Weekly 30 Minute Lesson with an Associate faculty member



Family Lesson (Multiple students sharing one lesson)

Regular tuition for the first child

$40 per month for the first additional child

$20 per month for each additional child

Example: McKenzie family enrolls in a weekly one hour piano lesson with three children.

Sarah’s monthly tuition is $160 a month

Billy’s monthly tuition is just $40 per month

Tellia’s monthly tuition is just $20 per month

The $220 monthly tuition works out to be just $55 for the hour.


*Skype lessons have their own pricing scale.


Family Plan

We value family at the academy. All of our academy faculty members have families of their own, and multiple children. We understand that costs can add up for a family and want to provide education for your entire family if we are able.

If you have at least one student enrolled in regular tuition class, additional family member tuition to academy classes in the same program is 50% off of our regular tuition classes ($40 per month). Cross programs (from music to visual arts for example are excluded in this rate).

Family discount does not apply to Oasis students.

Example: One child is enrolled in Instrumental Immersion for half price. Another child can enroll in KAB for just $10 a week. But if another child were to enroll in our new Imagination Art class it would still be the full rate.

Beginning Band (Instrumental Immersion) Fort Smith, AR 2012.

Beginning Band (Instrumental Immersion) Fort Smith, AR 2012.

How to Pay:

Paying tuition at the academy is easy.

For Classes

1. You may use our online payment gateway and make note of  the class you wish to pay for. You can pay for the individual class, one month, or an entire semester

2. You may choose to pay by check or cash as well. If you pay by check please make your *checks payable to The Tuned In Academy for Olympia classes.

*If a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, you will be charged a $5 check return fee. If our credit union runs the check a second time and returns it, you will also be responsible for twice the full amount of the check. We realize this happens, but if it happens a second time we will require you to pay in cash or PayPal for all future payments,


For Lessons

All initial private lessons must be paid for up front to reserve your spot.

  1. Enroll now! We will respond by sending you a PayPal invoice and confirm a time-slot. Pay the invoice for your first lesson and your slot is booked.
  2. You may pay via PayPal or by sending us a check, but payment must be received to reserve your time-slot. Once paid, the spot is yours from then on out.[1]

[1] To maintain a time-slot you must agree to and pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly according to the frequency of your lessons. Frequency of lessons are up to you and can be arranged with us according to your needs.


*For currently enrolled or concurrently enrolling students

Music is More Fun with Friends: Refer a Friend, Save Money

Parents, how would you like to have more fun, or for your children to have more fun, and for you to save some money? We are offering one free week of classes for every qualified referral. Once your referral signs up, attends their first class, and pays tuition for one full month you will receive a credit for one free class.

fab four flutes

When your friend signs up, just tell them to mention your name and that you referred them.

You can also save with lessons:

Refer a friend, make sure they let us know you referred them when they call. For every qualified referral you will receive $10 off your month of lessons. Once your referral signs up and pays tuition for one full month you will receive a credit for $10 off.

*Referrals apply to currently enrolled TIA families or those enrolling simultaneously with those they are referring.