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The Tuned In Academy - Where Music Matters and Makes a Difference


From time to time people call in or email with questions that are common, or that we think might arise. As they do, we will publish our answers here for your benefit.


1.What instrument will be best for me or my child?

The short answer is simple: the one you want to learn the most. Read our complete response here.


2. Are Tuned In Academy classes only for children?

No. Our music classes and private lessons are open from the minimum age up, with no age limit. We want adult learners as well children. All who will respect our values are welcome.


3. Why should I study music? 

This is an important question. Here are four practical reasons that everyone should study music. And here are four simple reasons your child should study music.


4. I am a band director, or my child is already enrolled in a really good band program at their school but they would love to play and learn even more, do they need the academy? Do you have anything for them?

Yes, we certainly do. And we could really use their help. We also think they would love to be a part of the academy, and we would love to see them flourish even more. Read more here.


5. How much do classes cost?

All of our group classes are priced per session/semester:

16 week tuition for regular classes is $320, 13 week tuition is $260, and so on. This is essentially $20 per week of class. That’s affordable quality music education, and that’s what we are all about. We are also always seeking partners in the community who seek to sponsor students with the gift of music education so we can  provide quality and relational music education to those who otherwise would not be able to afford it.


16 week tuition for elementary music classes is just $200, 13 week tuition is $162.50, and so on. This is essentially $12.50 per week of class. Our Piano Lab is an extremely economic value (our lowest cost option) at just $160 for sixteen week tuition ($10 per week of class).


6. How much are private lessons?

Private lessons are $40 an hour (usually for one hour per week). Click here to read more about our private lessons.


7. How can we motivate our child to practice, if they seem disinterested, should we allow them to drop out of music study and practice?

Great question! Many students struggle with music in the beginning. Most students (adults and children) just don’t realize how complex the language/rhythm aspect of music is. I would definitely encourage him not to quit. Challenge them to stick out the semester, and hopefully they will continue after that. It takes time for students to gain some familiarity to the point where it is more fun and less of a struggle. Read a complete response here.


8. Are you a qualified/approved for the Oasis School system?

Tuned In is an Oasis approved Community Based Facility. For those in the Oasis School system this means that we qualify for your approved program. For everyone else, this can provide you with an extra piece of mind that you are placing your children in good hands: finger printed, back-grounded checked, and certified by the Oasis system.


9. What makes you different?

There are many things that we believe make us different.

Friendship and community are a priority among students and faculty.

FREE Mentor Sessions: extra hands on help from mentors and faculty.


10. Do you teach violin?

We are so glad you asked! We are excited to announce that as  of 2016, we do now have a string program. See here for details.


11. Will I (or my child) have the opportunity to perform their music with TIA?


One of our core values is that we value presentation over performance, because music is more than mere entertainment or amusement, but art, and a gift to be presented. To live this out, the academy will always be seeking to find ways and opportunities to serve the community through music, not just putting on concerts. But if you are a part of TIA, we can assure you that you will have opportunities to share your music live before others every semester if you choose. To find out more, or see some of what we do with that, read here.


12. Are you hiring? Do you need more faculty or staff?

We are always looking for more great, qualified, talented, passionate, and like-minded people. Because we have a specific set of values and a specific mission however, we cannot extend an offer to pursue working with us to everyone. If you or someone you know is interested in working with us, we would recommend first carefully reading over our mission and values, and if you understand them and think that you might be a fit, give a a call and let’s pursue deeper conversations. With rare exception, we seek faculty that hold college degrees in music and are experienced educators.


13. Should my child give up their instrument or music altogether?

This is an important question, please see our response here.


14. Is my child too young for music lessons? Wouldn’t it just be a waste of money?

This is not a commonly asked question. But the response is one that should affect some major ways in which we view music study in general.


15. Do you teach accordion?

We wish we did! But sadly, no, we do not.


16. Do you teach private lessons?

Yes of course! Our musician-educators love to teach, and so if private instruction is what you want and need, we are here for you to meet that need. And we love teaching private lessons too! The one-on-one mentor model is a lot of fun, relational, and highly effective.


17. Why do you teach group classes and not just lessons? 

That is a great question! See our answer here.


18. Should my child come to their lesson even if they don’t practice? 

The short answer is, of course! Music study is so much more than simply moving forward on material from the prior week. See here for a full response.

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