The public and private schools often offer music programs such as band, choir, and orchestra. These can be wonderful programs but even then, some public and private school students are unable to partake for whatever reason.

The Tuned In Academy exists for everyone in the Olympia/Lacey area, or within the commuting distance if you’ll drive to our downtown Olympia studio. Any student, adult or child, from public, private, or home-school can be a part. This is conservatory quality instruction, at an affordable price.


Conservatory Quality

Conservatory quality means that at Tuned In students don’t just learn how to play music, although they will. At Tuned In those that choose to will have the opportunity to learn music at a much deeper level, to understand it, what it means, and how it impacts people. For those with the desire, the academy will provide them with all the tools necessary to be prepared for wherever they choose to go with their music, whether that be for personal enjoyment, conservatory study and graduate school, military music, music as a ministry, teaching music, or even full-time vocational music as a career.


Teacher to Student Ratio

With the exception of our big bands (which may have up to twenty students); we will never enroll more than fifteen students in a class. That’s a 15:1 ratio. You won’t find that in most public schools.



This means making music education available to all who desire it. All of our regular group classes are just $20 per week. That’s affordable quality music education, and that’s what we are all about. Our introductory classes like First Notes and Rhythm and Melody are just $12.50 per week. We are also always seeking partners in the community who seek to sponsor students that may not otherwise have the means to study, with the gift of music education.


Service to the Community

At Tuned In it is our desire to serve the community. We back that up with 10% of our proceeds. 10% of all non-scholarship tuition above our essential threshold received goes right back in to the scholarship fund to provide scholarships to students that could not otherwise afford classes at the academy.


Adult Learners Welcome

Additionally, we realize that adult learners may wish to learn as well, and we welcome them here. Our music classes and private music lessons are open from the minimum age up, with no age limit. We want adult learners as well children. All who will respect our values are welcome.


Group Classes & Private Lessons

At Tuned In our primary focus is on group instruction or classes. This is because we believe that music is best learned, created, and enjoyed in community, as we are immersed in it and sharing it with others. We offer group classes in Olympia.

We also realize that many musicians want private music lessons. Some may want them as a supplement to group instruction, and some may just want a more customized format between them and the musician-educator. We offer private music lessons as well.