This Wednesday is our Eat Wings and Raise Funds day at Buffalo Wild Wings. Do you have plans for lunch or dinner on Wednesday? Why not make some. Grab lunch or dinner at BDubbs, or pick some up to go– and help support the arts. Just tell them you’re there for The Tuned In Academy. Tell your friends and co-workers, family members, church and community friends. Our last one raised just under $200 and with Saturday’s garage sale, we are now just about $300 shy of the $850 we need to finalize our IRS paperwork. Thanks so much to all who have supported!

Lacey Spring Fun Fair 2015

Lacey Spring Fun Fair 2015

10% of all TIA sales all day Wednesday go towards that goal, and beyond that every penny will go into our scholarship and outreach fund. The purpose of this fund is to make arts education available to everyone through our sliding scale scholarships, and we hope very soon special FREE classes to wounded vets, those pursuing addiction recovery, and the homeless of downtown Olympia.

Share with your friends please, even if they have no clue who we are. Who doesn’t like wings? And they can support the cause of the arts in the process. Would you like to support us but can’t make it? Click here.

Join the FB page for our event.

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