Parents, are your children Orla, Aspire, or other area school band students? Have they been taking band all year? That is awesome. But the last thing that we want is for them to grow stale, lose their chops, grow foggy in their ability to read music, or just lose interest.

We have classes at TIA that would be a great opportunity for them to continue to be immersed in music, to have fun, make new friends, and even grow in their musical skills learning new theory, skills, and being challenged  in new repertoire and music making.

We have an ongoing Brass Lab (it meets Tuesdays 5:30PM-6:30PM) that would be perfect for brass players with a year or two of experience. We would love to welcome them for the eight-weeks of summer. Maybe they play a rhythm instrument or a woodwind, give us a call, we would be happy to put together a small group class for them. Or maybe your child would like to learn a second instrument? We have new classes starting up in piano, band instruments, and probably guitar and ukulele (stay tuned for details on those).

Brass Lab is just $100 for the eight-week semester.

KAB Kids (Keyboard or piano for absolute beginners) is also just $100 for the eight-week semester.

KAB Teens (Keyboard or piano for absolute beginners) is just $160 for the eight-week semester.


See our current to date summer line up here.

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