Why Another Book on Meditation for Musicians?

Because the last thing that musicians need is to thirst for something only to come up dry!

There have been many excellent books written for musicians that deal fairly extensively with the issues, challenges, and concerns of what has been called the inner-musician. Specifically, texts such as The Inner Game of Music, The Mastery of Music, and Effortless Mastery, just to name a few.

These books are written by some of the worlds finest musicians, and offer some excellent advice to the musician. This book however seeks to dig deeper, or perhaps further back would be a better description. This book seeks to take the musician (and really anyone who wants to better be in tune with the Creator in their creative work) back to creation, and to the Creator, seeking to answer the question: How can we be better tuned into the Creator and the commission of creating, as well as the community which we seek to make music for?


Tuned In is based on a historical meditation model and is really aimed at both encouraging musicians and derailing fears as well as re-thinking the ethical, spiritual, and moral implications of what it means to be a musician.

Tuned In is written by a musician and primarily meant to challenge, equip, and encourage musicians in the discipline of meditation (specially in practicing, writing, and playing music)- but this book is for any artist- especially those involved in the communicative arts. Are you a communicative artist, do you communicate through your voice, instrument, writing, painting, or sculpting? Perhaps even through the culinary arts? Tuned In is a book for you too!

The book is more than that though. It is also a driving force behind our values and philosophy at The Tuned In Academy. And the  Tuned In Blog seeks to be an online community where we can interact with each other as musicians, educators,  artists, and even parents that care about more than just music, and ourselves, but also about the community and those who we create for.

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Facts about the book:

  • Tuned In is an alternative to the New Age contemplative spirituality and mysticism offered in many mainstream books on meditation for the musician. The book will offer a historical biblical meditation that is broken down simply into considering how the musician can best serve and love Creator and community through music and life, all the while enjoying more fruitful creativity by tuning into their unique and God designed purpose.
  • Tuned In is needed because most of the books written on meditation, even those focused specifically on musical meditation present truth as something up for grabs or debate. Such books are decidedly subjective rather than objective.
  • For the musician who is looking for answers, the musician who wants to be responsible, and especially for the musician who has already been convicted of the truth of scripture; Tuned In is both necessary and the right thing to do; for the encouragement of musicians, for the glory of the Creator, and for the good of community.
  • Tuned In is for everyone. Every musician and artist will find a fresh approach beyond music for music’s sake, but in seeing music as an integral part of who we are and the people we make music for.
  • Tuned In will contain helpful and easy to remember quotes at the beginning of each chapter that will help the reader in memorizing and applying the principles and truths taught in the text.
  • Tuned In will contain a reference section listing several beneficial and important texts that deal more in-depth with some of the truths discussed in the book.
  • Tuned In is available in print and on Kindle.
  • Tuned In is  on Facebook and Twitter. If you have not already, “like” Tuned In on Facebook and follow on Twitter for quotes, tidbits, and juicy ideas on subjects the book will interact with.


What people are saying about The Tuned In Musician: reviews straight from Amazon.com


A graduate of the Berkley College of Music and Liberty University, Sean-David has captured the importance of being “tuned in” to God in all facets of our lives, including our creative endeavors. A fantastic work – even for those of us without formal training – “The Tuned In Musician” takes the reader on an important journey focused on seeing the need to connect with the Creator in our process of creating. You’ll find this work challenging enough to spark discussion among experienced artists & believers but with concepts easily understood by youth groups and high school students. What’s even better is knowing you’ll be supporting the Tuned In Academy, a teaching ministry started by S-D and his bride, Jenna. Check out www.thetunedinacademy.org or find them on Twitter or Facebook.
Michael A. Emmart


I was left wanting much after reading “Effortless Mastery.” As a performer, worship leader, and music educator, I was very pleased with “The Tuned in Musician.” This book supports many of the same philosophical ideas as “Effortless Mastery,” but bases them in Scripture and provides practical applications and questions for a musician like me. The author humbly and intelligently navigates through the murky waters of creativity and artistic expression with truth and light. I have read it once straight through and am now reading it again with a more studious approach. I highly recommend this book and have used many of its concepts in my career. I often find myself sharing quotes and passages with my worship team, my students, and my peers.

I’m ready for a follow-up book, Mr. McGoran!
Andrew M. Gibson


Great book. Very practical for God’s musicians. I found it very useful. Why do I need so many words? Why?
Julio Rivera


This is a good read even if you are not a musician. Very well written. If you liked the chapter on creativity in my book, IN THE SPIRIT, you will enjoy this book.
David B. Young