I was in basic training on 9/11. As a bugler, I have played Taps for many fallen soldiers, those that have died on foreign soil in US military campaigns, and those that have died in retirement and old age. To this day, I have many friends deployed all over the world with the US military. On this Veteran’s Day, I am intimately aware of the struggle that many musicians and artists face when considering injustice, great violence, and large scale attacks against anybody. I spend an entire chapter on this in my book entitled Tune in to Justice. I wrote it with genuine hope that it would help people with anger and grief over injustice.

From page 142 of The Tuned In Musician

“It didn’t take long for musicians to react to 9/11 in song. At least one recording hit the US radio airways shortly afterward and became wildly popular, and it was a hit video as well, putting footage of military action to music. The song raised up a voice of vengeance, shaking its musical fists and threatening a boot in the butt to those who brought the attacks. The song vowed vengeance on behalf of a nation outraged at the injustice and terror that befell them. This is real stuff! No doubt, those who wrote this song were burning with anger, and probably many of us felt the same way! Anger is not an unreasonable response to evil; in fact, in many ways, it is more right than we may even realize. Vengeance on the other hand is a different story altogether, and it is something we should discuss, be aware of, and probably condemn as outright wrong.”

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