I’ve been called a dreamer. I was a dreamer when I was young and I still am today. And we love it that when our students are dreamers! I’m sure some of you have heard what I like to call dream killers. They usually say things like, are you sure that’s realistic (is a dream supposed to be?!), do you have a backup plan, maybe you should think about other possibilities, or something of the sort.


Far be it from me to ever suggest someone come up with a backup plan or that their dream isn’t realistic. Whatever your dream is, we are here to help you try to see it happen. I do however want to offer a few words to consider about how your dreams may take shape, and I want to encourage you to never give up. Not even for a day. Sure, you can take a day off. Maybe even a few days once in a while when you need to. But I would never take more than a few days off without a goal for when you will return to practice and work, and what you hope to accomplish.

Sometimes a dream may take a very different shape. And this is usually a wonderful thing. I would challenge you to consider this thought: some of the dreams and aspirations you have now may actually be ones you let go of. I don’t mean you will give up on them, I mean let go of them. You may reach a point in your life where you have bigger and better dreams, or your whole world becomes so different that the old dream wouldn’t even appeal to you any more or make sense in your new world.
Here’s something to chew on this year. Your dreams should be vivid, far-reaching, and powerful expressions of who you are, your purpose, and what you believe. These things could still be coming in to shape, and your dreams then will form as they do. I can tell you for a fact, I was a different person in my teen years and even my twenties. Some of my dreams then would not have fit who I am today. But my biggest dreams have been coming true before my eyes, and better than I ever would have imagined before.

Keep dreaming!

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