I really wish we didn’t have to charge tuition. But sadly it costs money to run an academy, and so it is necessary to an extent. We do everything we can to keep tuition rates affordable for most families. Sometimes however, life just makes it difficult to do anything extra besides just living. I get that! We get that!


If it weren’t for having to pay rent and bills to keep the academy running many of us would happily donate our time. But it does cost money to operate. On that note, we are hoping to start a community jazz band for students 15 and up, including adults. This would allow jazz students to be a part of the community and learn for an extremely reduced rate. Students will learn jazz styles, classic and contemporary jazz literature, improve reading and rhythm skills, and learn from beginning to advanced jazz theory/improvisation techniques, all while playing in a group environment and having a blast.

Exceptional teens may be an exception to the age requirement. It would meet most likely on Thursday evenings and the academy would just request a suggested donation of $20 per month to help us with operating costs. If you know anyone that may be interested, please send them our way or shoot an email to seandavid@thetunedinacademy.org.

We are seeking the following students/musicians:

Five trumpets

Five trombones

2 alto saxophones, 2 tenors, and a bari

Piano, bass, drums, and guitar

As a 503(c) non-profit, your $20 monthly donation for being a part of the TIA community jazz band is full tax deductible.

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