Looking to support TIA but on budget? We totally understand. One of the best ways you can help TIA accomplish our mission is to purchase one of our t-shirts and wear it proudly around town. That’s some of the best advertising we could ever ask for.Help us spread the hope we have to train students of all ages to create music with excellence and to see its greatest value not in the music itself, but in how it can serve others. And to provide music education to everyone as we strive to make it accessible to those most in need of community, hope, and freedom from poverty, addictions, and pain.Skyline printing did a great job on our t-shirts and they are just $8 each if you are local and don’t require shipping (you can pick up your shirts at the studio orwe can arrange to meet somewhere).

t shirt frontt shirt front and back


We can ship them to you as well, just add $3 for shipping.

Would you like one? Order yours today and as soon as we get an order for 10 or so we will make the order.

T-shirt order

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