It has been a great winter semester! And now we are almost ready for spring break, can you believe it? We have had a lot of great music going on this semester! Under Ben’s teaching, GAB are learning chords and playing music together as an ensemble with chords and melody! KAB Kids and KAB teens are playing with both hands, playing in contrary motion, and reading well! KAB teens are playing chords and melody! Our Rhythm and Melody students are playing fundamentals on the drums, beginning to groove a little, and playing and reading melodies on recorder quite well! Our Brass Lab students are also growing, developing a sound, and even swinging a bit as well as improving in their reading and fundamentals!


Private students are making great music as well. Jenna did wonderful work and it is a joy to see and hear what her students are doing as I teach them now while she is home with the baby. I know that Ben and Rob are also doing some great work with their students and I look forward to hearing the fruits in spring.

Spring semester is coming up. Before that we will be on spring break April 4-10.

Spring semester is 10 weeks. Regular tuition is just $200 for the full ten weeks, elementary and student mentor led class tuition is just $125 for the full 10 weeks for one student ($10 each additional student or for those with families enrolled in lessons). We still have lots of space for new classes and some existing classes. Tell your friends to look around and give us a call!

Spring semester will be a great time! Most students will be involved in presentation at Arts Walk (Friday April 22 at 7PM at the Washington Center) and we will also have a Spring Presentation (June 11, 4PM at Emmanuel Bible Fellowship) as well.

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