We have several wonderful opportunities for learning music this winter, click here for more details.

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The Tuned In Academy - Where Music Matters and Makes a Difference

Learn Piano this Fall at TIA!

TIA is the place to learn piano!

Our KAB Kids students are awesome! One class of young children (between 2-4th grade) that just started this last spring is now playing and reading chord charts, they are able to play through the entire diatonic series of chords in their left hand while running their scales in their right hand, and naming each chord out loud (name and type) before they hit it! Yeah, that’s awesome. And they are learning excellent duet repertoire as well.

Do you want to learn to play piano this fall or want your children to? Give us a call today.


KAB Kids is one of our most in demand classes. This is a piano/keyboard class for absolute beginners in a small group format. This class is perfect for ages 7-9. Enjoy the benefits of a private lessons and the fun and community of a group class, all with our conservatory trained, seasoned, and experienced music educators, at group discount prices. Students learn, have fun, and have an opportunity to present at the end of each semester at our presentation afternoon (recital).

Tuition is just $50 a month. You won’t find an opportunity like this, and the SIX slots will go quickly, so call us today.


Teen KAB is a piano/keyboard class for absolute teen beginners in a small group format.

Tuition is just $80 a month. You won’t find an opportunity like this, and the SIX slots will go quickly, so call us today.

Pictured here is our Teen KAB class at our spring presentation. These students are also doing great things, playing chords, voice leading, playing keyboard bass, and learning the art of piano arranging.


What people have to say about KAB at TIA:

“Sean-David is an excellent and patient  piano teacher. He makes every lesson a fun and adventurous when it come to learning music. Our children are always excited to go there for piano lessons. We highly recommended this music academy.” —Nina B., Parent of KAB Kids Students


“Perfect for our family! My boys ages 7 and 9 enjoyed the group Rhythm and Melody class, where they learned how to read music on recorders and play drums! After a few months they have enjoyed preforming drum cadences at the Arts Walk, and playing on an electronic sax. Currently they are enjoying the kids’ group Keyboard/piano class and I enjoyed the adults’ keyboard class as well. I’m impressed with the energetic teachers and look forward to watching my children progress.”Amy, Parent of KAB Kids students and a former student


“My daughter loves her piano class! She is so happy she is excited to go! I strongly recommend this place, Sean-David is amazing and so patient with all of the children. I could NOT say enough good things, especially because Kaylee was so uncomfortable the first lesson and had a lot of attitude. She quotes her teacher at home, “Just because I mess up doesn’t mean I should stop.” I couldn’t have chosen a better place for her to learn.”Cristi Heinz, Parent of a KAB Kids student




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