As we prepare to move in to our new studio, we will have many needs (and costs) associated with those needs. The new studio comes with more rooms. Especially we will now have four small classrooms or private lesson rooms, a larger classroom, and a waiting room.


We need to move everything, and we will need items to facilitate classes and lessons in the new rooms. We will also need to do something about security and monitoring as this space does not have all the glass and window benefit of the Eastside building.


We will be able to serve SO many more students in this building. Up to four times the amount of students!  And we will also likely be able to offer some practice opportunities for students that may not be able to practice as well as they would like because they don’t have an acoustic piano, or maybe they have issues with neighbors. We have one student that practices in his car because his neighbors won’t let him practice in the building! We have a handful of piano students that only get to play on an acoustic piano when they come for lessons. We would like to be able to keep space available for that. And we would LOVE to be able to enroll new students that otherwise could never afford classes or lessons like TIA offers.


But we cannot do any of it without your help!


Would you consider:


  1. Donating $5 a month for two to three months? (Or a one-time donation of $10-15 to help us make a difference)? Just click the “Support Us” button above.
  2. Helping purchase some of the new building stuff on this wish list?
  3. Simple Handiwork? We have some important but basic needs, and we just are not that handy. We will need the tuition payment box drilled in to the wall nicely in a way that looks professional, and we are going to turn our building banners into a hard sign. These means securing them nice and tight on an exterior grade panel that needs to be painted white and then attached to two posts that we can put in the ground securely with some concrete. This will save us a good sum of money.
  4. Helping us move? If you are local, drop us a line, we need to move a few pianos, a copy machine, and a bunch of smaller stuff.

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