Artenio serves as a leader of a local community organization in Brazil, and here he is teaching guitar lessons in Torres. Artenio teaches lessons to local youth for free, and has developed relationships with many this way. Many of the students Artenio has taught have gained the skills necessary to serve in their community as musicians. This music education matters and makes a difference. Through the support of helpers across the globe, this is just one way that Living Bread is helping the poor.

Artenio (LB sponsored community servant) teaching guitar to a few young boys.

Artenio (LB sponsored community servant) teaching guitar to a few young boys.

This is a beautiful example of not just giving someone an instrument, but teaching them the gift and art of music and enabling them to give back with it. Much like teaching someone to fish has more impact and long-range value than giving them a fish, teaching music impacts not just the one learning, but can impact an entire community!

Living Bread’s desire is to help the poor in Brazil, and we appreciate their heart and mission. Just one way that LB seeks to help the poor is by planting communities of faith where people can find love, community, and even meet tangible and spiritual needs. But they are also training young people in the art and craft of music and giving them an important skill, one we would argue is necessary.

Below is a picture of one of the faith communities that LB planted with the help of supporters. An LB sponsored community servant taught each member of the music team pictured: that is music that matters and makes a difference!

Music team

A music team at a faith community planted by LB; each member of the music team pictured was taught by an LB servant.

Work  like this takes time and resources, and this work and cause are worthy of support. One simple way you can support the mission of LB is by sharing it. Would you share this post? They are also looking for bloggers which is an easy way you can support their mission while doing what you already do if you are a blogger.

If you would like to learn more about LB’s mission, you can find out more here.

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