TIA is the place to learn Wind Instruments for home-school and private school students in the South Sound.

Home-school, private school, no band program? No problem! Give us a call.

At TIA, students get to know their wind instrument well. We teach students to know the instrument all the way around, this includes embouchure, breathing, fingerings, tone, and of course, reading and learning the language of music!





This fall we will offer two different classes,

Instrumental Immersion for Woodwinds (the perfect opportunity to learn flute, sax, or clarinet with like instruments that share in the unique features of the woodwind family).


Instrumental Immersion for Brass (the perfect opportunity to learn trumpet, trombone, euphonium, or French horn with other students learning like instruments that share in the unique features of the brass family.

We also have a Brass Lab for brass players that already have a few years on their horn. See some great pictures of this class taken by local photographer Shelly Metzger here.

All of our students have an opportunity to play before an audience at the end of every semester at our Presentations, just like this one here below:







See what some folks are saying out Wind Instrument Instruction at TIA

“I have two daughters taking music lessons at The Tuned In Academy, one is learning guitar and the other cornet. My experience with both instructors has been outstanding. Both girls are making significant progress and both enjoy going to their lessons. Sean-David and Rob are very encouraging to what their students want to learn to play which keeps them more engaged. I have nothing but praise for the entire experience and am so glad I found them. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for music instruction.”–Emily Hambrick, Parent of a cornet/trumpet student


“My son has been taking group trumpet lessons since last fall with Sean-David. We are very happy with the program. He really cares about his students and is very passionate about music. Highly recommended.” –Liz Ann, Parent of a Brass Lab student


“Our son (12) started private trumpet sessions with Sean-David about 6 months ago. He (and we) couldn’t be happier with the outcome. He is now also enrolled and enjoying TIA’s brass ensemble program, too. We wanted to augment school band with some individual assistance and to broaden our son’s experience with trumpet and musical genres generally. His technical and theoretical ability has improved remarkably in such a short time. More importantly is his enthusiasm and eagerness to play and learn.

We are pleased to recommend Sean-David and TIA’s program for other parents or people seeking a high-quality, affordable, personable music instruction.” –CP Bloomfield, Parent of a Brass Lab student

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