Spring Semester is a fun, fast-paced 11 Weeks, April 13 to June 16.

This Spring we are offering a handful of great music classes for adults and children, and art classes for children, teens, and even one for mom’s to take with their children!


Instrumental Music

Rhythm and Melody-Basic Musical Instruments for 4th-6th Grade (Tuesdays) 1-2PM

The Tuned In Academy Rhythm and Melody Class preforming at presentation night - Summer 2014

Rhythm and Melody is split between a period of time spent learning to read music and play the recorder, and also learning to read, interpret, and play rhythms on a drum pad and bucket with drum sticks (basic drumming technique and skills). The up-front/instrument cost is fairly low: you simply need a drum pad, sticks, recorder, a music stand, and the book .


Instrumental Immersion-Beginning Band (Tuesdays) 2-3PM

Instrumental Immersion is for all beginners (it’s our name for beginning band), no experience necessary.

This class is just like it sounds, a band for beginners, it is all about becoming immersed in music! How much prior knowledge does your child need before beginning? None! Its Instrumental Immersion, a music class just for beginners! This class is a fun, exciting, and excellent opportunity for those who have never played an instrument before to learn to read music, play an instrument, and to be a part of an ensemble/band environment!

If you our your student have already learned to play or play an instrument, then why not come join us and learn to play a second or third instrument in a band/ensemble environment? After successful completion of Instrumental Immersion I student musicians will be ready to move to Instrumental Immersion II for further development of musical skills on their instrument, as well as in reading music and ensemble playing.


In the Mode-A Fast-Paced Course in Improvisation and Composition in the Modes (Tuesdays) 7-8PM

An eight-week course on the modes that will be include theory, composition, ensemble playing, and improvisation. Open to any instrument to students at about a 9th grade playing/reading ability or above. More to follow.

KAB Spring (Thursdays) 5-6PM – Keyboard/Piano for Absolute Beginners (This class is perfect for ages 15 and up!) 

This is an 8 week crash course in piano. At the end, students should be able to continue on their own quite well, or we can discuss continuing the class or moving into lessons. This class is open to teens 15 and up, and adults. classes will meet for one hour a week at the academy’s regular 8 week tuition rate which is just $160 for the entire course. KAB teaches basic music reading for keyboard, scales, and eventually chording (playing and reading chord charts for pop, Gospel, hymns, etc.) all in a fun group environment. Students will need access to a keyboard or piano at their home for practice, but we have five keyboard seats per class, so you do not need to bring one to class.  Space is obviously limited for a better student/teacher ratio, so they will fill up fast.


Vocal Music

Jr. Vox Acapella Vocal Ensemble (Mondays) 1-2PM

A fun class that showcases the beauty of the human voice without any need for other instruments.

The Vox Acapella Vocal Ensemble (Wednesdays) 6-7PM (For adult students who already have basic speakability and vocal ability.)

If you love to sing, have some experience singing in choirs, vocal ensembles, or private lessons and want to sing in a group that showcases the beauty of the human voice without any need for other instruments… then this class is for you!


Imagination Art

Three IA students work carefully on their creations.

Three IA students work carefully on their creations.


Drawing–graphite, charcoal, and pastels! (Saturdays) 1-2PM 

Students will receive group and individualized instruction on a daily project in a casual, relaxed environment that fosters creativity and friendship. Each project is planned to bring the artistic mind out of each student, while allowing freedom to express themselves and their individuality. Various aspects of art are explored in each session including composition, shading, space, dimension, texture, color, realism and abstract ideas. It is the goal of the instructor for the students to gain skills and further their artistic ability to enrich their lives and the lives around them, and also to have fun in the process!


Painting (Saturdays) 2:15-3:15PM

In this class, we will explore the possibilities of creating beautiful art with acrylic and watercolor paint. Students will receive group and individualized instruction on a class project in a casual, relaxed environment that fosters creativity and friendship. New techniques will be taught and practiced, then implemented into a “masterpiece” of their own.  Beginners will learn some basics while the more advanced student will have the opportunity to refine their skills, all with the goal of using their creativity to enrich the world around them. A fun and colorful class!


Teen Time (Saturdays) 3:30-4:30PM

This will be a unique class structure with 15 minutes each week spent learning a new skill, 30 minutes of mentoring in the classroom, for teens to bring in whatever they want to work on of their choice, and 15 minutes of teaching time based on observations of the mentoring sessions. This will be a fun opportunity for teens to learn with flexibility and skill learning coupled together.


Space is limited, so call us now to reserve your spot!



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  1. Laurie Panter says:

    I am interested in signing up for the KAB class. Do you have any good leads on keyboards? I have a piano at church but would rather have a smaller keyboard at home which is more convenient. Thank you! My phone # is 360 791-6557.

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