At this time last year, I think we had five students going into 2014. We now have about fifty! That’s some pretty amazing growth if you ask me. And of course, it is all thanks to our families and students, and the community for spreading the word about The Tuned In Academy. We are so thankful for the opportunity to teach our wonderful students, and we are equally as excited about what will come of the Academy this year.

As we reflect on 2014, here are just a few exciting things we saw and experienced:

  • We launched our first group classes, first with Instrumental Immersion early on in the year and then two more classes in the summer of 2014 (two sections of Rhythm and Melody). Future Wind Synth Students
  • We held our first annual summer presentation night at Traditions with a great crowd and many heartfelt musical presentations from students that worked so diligently on their music. The Tuned In Academy offeres a variety of Voal music courses in Olympia
  • We launched our new website.
  • We launched two more classes in the fall (KAB and another section of Instrumental Immersion).
  • We moved into our new studio location at 1001 Eastside Street Suite A.10891926_402272536599781_2302375594907143406_n
  • The Olympian published a spotlight article on the Academy.
  • A local attorney volunteered to help us with our legal/bylaws writing.
  • We held our first annual winter presentation at The Nova School.
  • And we were invited to share the vision and mission of the academy at The Olympia Host Lions Club.

Going into 2015, we now have five classes ongoing and about fifty students. We are launching at least two new classes next week and possibly a third and hope to add at least three more this summer. The fall possibilities are even greater as we are also seeking/interviewing potential additional faculty to expand our ability to serve the needs of the community. One of our musical goals for 2015 is to develop a Tuned In mass choir for all interested TIA students (even instrumentalists and TIA parents). This would not be a class, but a community choir of all of the TIA community that would gather a few times a year for fun, for community, musical growth, and for service through music to the greater Olympia area.

In 2015, we hope to establish our advisory board and an initial board of directors for the non-profit, to incorporate as a non-profit organization, and to begin raising funds to teach those most in need of assistance.

We are so excited about this next year and so glad to be sharing it with you! We hope you have your best year yet, and we’re honored to play some small part in it!


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