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Thank you so much for all of those who have supported this endeavor so far. We so appreciate your trust and support of what we are doing and trying to do. Our fall scholarship campaign drive. We are at 18%, which we are so thankful for. But we have a ways to go and only 8 days left.

I had mentioned the other day that I wanted to briefly share a story or two about some of the people/families we have been able to serve through music education. It has been really busy, so please accept my apologies for not getting to it sooner.

We have many stories. Here is a recent one. We have one student and family member currently studying with us. This summer we personally took on ten students, tuition free, and it has been a rewarding experience for us, and we hope a fun time as well as a great time of learning for these students. The families still needed to come up with the supplies for the course.

One family that wanted to take part was in a hard place at the time. One of our friends who’s already pledged to this endeavor answered our call for help earlier this year to supply the family in need with the books and resources they needed and we were able to purchase them and have them shipped directly to the family. Their child seems to be really enjoying classes and having a great time. And we are so glad to have them! I believe it was a blessing to the family, and to the best of my knowledge the family is well on the way to being back on their feet. As a family that has lived off of the help of friends, family, church support, food stamps, and unemployment for a season—we know how hopeful it can be to have a little bit of normalcy for our children in a summer program, a camp, special school supplies, etc. And that’s just one of the many things we hope to do in Olympia; provide hope and help, while teaching music.

This is just one story. There are many more I will share few within the next few days.

P.s. In the picture above, about 60% of these students received scholarship funds into this summer music class from friends and community organizations. Most of them also attended an inner-city school where they would not have the opportunity to study band music. It is our goal to see that everyone that wants a music education can receive one, and not just a band class, but world-class music education with a purpose and passion.

Would you consider sharing our story and asking a few friends to support with a pledge of $10?

Thanks so much!


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