Fall classes start September 6! Did you miss the start? Most of our new fall classes will still enroll students until the end of September, so call us now!  We also have extremely limited private lesson slots available, but you won’t want to miss out on these great classes!

brass lab summer pres 16

The fall semester runs 15 weeks and ends right around the same time that the schools take their Christmas/winter break. We will have a presentation (that’s what we call our recitals) just before the break. Everyone who wants to will have an opportunity to be a part of the presentation!

Fall is going to be awesome! Existing groups which have openings for fall (like Jr. Vox Acapella, Brass Lab, and our GAB Next and Teen KAB classes) will also likely participate in Arts Walk and community service through music to the Olympia Senior Center and some area retirement communities.


End of Summer Break is August 29-September 5th (Labor Day)

Fall Semester is September 6-December 16

Fall Break is November 23-25

Winter Presentation is December 12, 7PM

All classes will be 15 weeks with the exception of Monday classes, which will be 13 weeks because of Labor Day and Presentation.



FSO (For Strings Only) Master Class (for ages 8 and up)

This is the perfect place to come and learn the art of violin or viola.  This small group master class is a great opportunity to learn serious technique from a skilled local, professional, and classically trained violinist, and all the while having fun too!




*GAB Next (This is a continuing class. If you can read music and chord notation and have played for about a year you may be a fit to join this class).



All KAB and Piano classes are limited to SIX spots per class, so if you are interested, get on the list today!

KAB Kids

Piano Lab

Chord Lab

Teen KAB

*Teen KAB Continuing (This is a rather advanced continuing class. If you can read music and chord notation and have played for about a year you may be a fit to join this class). Call for details.

*Kids KAB Continuing (This is a rather advanced continuing class for children ages 7-10 with some experience already). Call for details.



*Jr. Vox Acapella (This is a continuing class. If you are ages 9-14, can sing, and have sang in a group before you may be a fit to join this class).



Instrumental Immersion (Woodwinds): Beginning saxophone, clarinet, and flute

Instrumental Immersion (Brass): Beginning trumpet, trombone, or French Horn

Brass Lab (This is a continuing class. If you play trumpet, trombone, tuba, baritone, or French Horn and have has at least a year or more of band or private lesson this class may be a fit for you)


Rhythm and Percussion

South Sound Beats: An introductory class in drumming and rhythm, this class is perfect for students age 6-10.

The Tuned In Academy Rhythm and Melody Class preforming at presentation night - Summer 2014




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