This class is the perfect opportunity for students about 12-14 that would love to learn to play chords and be able to play popular music or hymns and the like, but may be apprehensive about learning to read music, or have had challenges in that area. Chord Lab will take a unique approach, no music note reading will be required, only chord symbols. Students that know how to read music but have little to no experience with chords are also welcome! This is also a great class for students that want to learn a second instrument. If you play guitar, horn, or you are a vocalist, come learn to make music on the piano as well! Maybe even learn to accompany yourself.

Students will learn to understand and play chords, to voice lead, and to learn to play melody as well. Of course, they will also make friends, make music, and have loads of fun!

This 30 minute lab meets once a week on Friday afternoons and is just $40 a month! You will NOT find an opportunity like this with professional, fun, and conservatory trained faculty. SD will be teaching this class. Spaces will go fast, so contact us today!

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