Learn to Beat Box at TIA!

We are so excited about it! Beat Boxing Class at TIA! Students will learn what beat boxing is and listen to great examples of it, basic technique
bass/ kick drum, snare, and cymbal. Students will also learn how to emulate the sounds they hear on recordings, and learn to work together as a group in creating rhythm as an ensemble.

The initial class will be 8 weeks and tuition is just $54 monthly. Tuesdays 5-6PM. Drop us a line to sign up today! Class will be taught by Thomas.






See and hear a sample of what you will learn here!

3 Responses

  1. Christen Robinson says:

    Hello! My 7-year-old son is interested in the beat boxing class. Is there a minimum age? When does the session begin?

    -Also, my son started private piano lessons with Jordan last month and I just wanted to say that it’s been a VERY positive experience. He loves going to his lessons. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hey Christen! Thanks so much for the note! I will check with Thomas, but I am pretty sure 7 would be just fine. And I am so glad that your son is enjoying his lessons with Jordan! That’s awesome! We strive to provide friendly, fun, and excellent experiences in music education!
      If you would, perhaps share some of your experience sometime on Google or Facebook reviews, that would be awesome too! I will pass your note on to Jordan and get back to you on the class.

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