In this second post answering the question, why TIA, I will focus on the why in regard to adults. The first post focused on why we are here in regard to meeting the needs of homeschool families. See that post here.


We don’t exist just for homeschoolers, though we love our homeschool families. We are also here for adults: for senior citizens, working adults, people that need some story, art, human expression, and someone to connect with. We are here to serve them too! And professionals and professors that make a living speaking publicly and want to study with one of our vocal faculty to become better at their craft. We are here for them as well.

And again, while many students can afford TIA tuition, there are many that we wish we could serve and that could benefit so richly from what we have to offer, but they just can’t afford it.

Not long ago we met a sweet young man who suffered from PTSD, he was a veteran (Navy if I recall). His mom was also dying of cancer and he was caring for her. He was really excited to study guitar and saxophone with us, and we were excited about teaching him! Sadly I think some life situations including an apartment where maybe he wasn’t welcome to practice along with financial burdens meant he could not continue with us. As a 503 (c) non-profit, one of our goals is to be able to scholarship students just like that student and the family I mentioned earlier.

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