“I love the Tuned In Academy! Sean-David is an amazing teacher and his passion for music is evident in his enthusiasm and teaching skills. I signed up for an 8 week KAB “crash” course in the hopes of learning some basic piano skills. I searched the local area, found the Tuned In Academy’s purpose and goals very intriguing and the price was better than I had hoped for. I am delighted to say that I learned far more than I could have ever hoped for in 8 weeks, and I had a great time while learning. Sean-David is patient and makes learning fun, and I enjoyed the company of my classmates and the experience of learning in a group setting. My daughters and I are looking forward to the upcoming VOX Acapella summer session with Jenna, and I can only imagine that it will be a delight to learn from her also. I would highly recommend the Tuned In Academy for yourself or your family members. If you are looking for musical instruction in a fun, friendly atmosphere at an affordable price, the Tuned In Academy is the place for you!”

Traci Rush, KAB Crash Course Student

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