We realize that not everyone has the ability and opportunity to take private lessons due to time, schedule, or location. And it is our heart to teach music to all who want to learn! So with that in mind, we do offer Skype lessons as our schedule allows.

With the advent of free and reliable webcam programs like Skype or Facetime, private music lessons are now becoming a reality for people all over the world. In fact, see this excellent article on the validity of music lessons via Skype from the New York Times. No matter where you live or work, you can now get the music education you have always wanted. Learn to play the trumpet, to improvise, or to compose and write music.


What do I need for Skype Lessons?

  1. A solid and reliable high-speed internet connection.
  2.  Either an iPad (or some form of tablet computer), laptop, computer, or even a smart phone with Skype capability (camera to send and ability to receive and view incoming feed).
  3. A Skype or Facetime account and the Skype or Facetime program on your device. You can download Skype here and set yourself up an account. Read more about Facetime for Apple products here.
  4. Your instrument of choice, a music stand, and potentially a book or two depending on where you are in your musical journey.
  5. Adobe or alternative PDF reader and/or a printer. SD likes to write out exercises for students tailored to fit their needs and also to assign sheet music. In this case, SD will shoot you this in an email to you via PDF, so having a printer helps. If you have a tablet as well as a desktop or laptop a program like UnrealBook can also be quite helpful, but not required.
  6. A PayPal account or credit card.


How do Skype Lessons work?

  1. Skype lessons work like any other private music lesson. The only minor issue that makes Skype lessons a little different and requires some intentionality on the part of the musician-educator is that there is a slight delay. This just means that we won’t play together simultaneously. This is really no problem. SD has been teaching over the internet for over five years, is well seasoned in the medium, and structures Skype lessons around the capability of the medium.
  2. Check the schedule availability* for a lesson time that works for you Enroll Now, and request your time-slot.You will need your Skype username and PayPal account information to do this. In order to secure your spot we require a $15 deposit. This $15 will go toward your first lesson.
  3. Test the Skype/Facetime connections and settings. We will meet for about 15 minutes during your scheduled time-slot for a dry run, just to test the connection to ensure that we have everything we needed for a great lesson. The object is a conservatory quality private lesson in as close to face-to-face as we can get through technology.
  4. Book your first lesson. After the test run, we will send you an email with an invoice for your first lesson (less the $15). Pay the invoice and your time-slot is secured from then on out.[1]
  5. Have a great lesson!


How much do Skype Lessons Cost?

Skype lessons are an affordable alternative to face-to-face lessons in our studio.

  • All Skype lessons are $30 an hour and $15 for a 30 minute lesson.


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[1] To maintain a time-slot you must agree to and pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly according to the frequency of your lessons. Frequency of lessons are up to you and can be arranged with us according to your needs.