As promised, some of my musical goals for 2016….


  1. What do you want to sound like musically this year?

I have a tendency to play with a lot of slurs, both in my interpretation and improvisation. This year I am making it a goal to be more intentional about utilizing tonguing as an essential component of my phrasing.


  1. What do you want to be able to do?

I would like someday to be able to say (honestly) that I have been through Arban’s completely. It is my goal to workout in Abran’s every week, with a goal of getting through the entire book. For those of you familiar with it, it is kind of like the Bible of trumpet playing and its huge, so I am NOT setting an unrealistic goal of completing the book this year, but making significant progress through it. I’m also planning to work through Jerry Bergonzi’s Melodic Rhythms in the same way. I will journal through both and probably share some of my thoughts and reflections for accountability.


  1. Who can you serve with your music this year?

This is a huge goal for me. I intend to continue pursuing ways that the academy can serve more people in the community through music, and individually I also intend to offer my volunteer services to Casualty Assistance as needed for funerals in the area for performing military honors when military buglers are unavailable. I also plan to do some street playing, at least once a month from May through September.


  1. How can you help build community or make a new friends through music?

I love making music with friends! It is my goal to host at least a handful of dinners this year with fellow musicians to talk, hang, and make music together.


What are your goals? Would you like to share yours?

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