I have been asked from time to time how to develop or plan a practice routine. There are numerous ways to develop a practice routine of course, and they will vary for each individual student depending on where they are in their musical journey, how many days a week they practice, and how long they have each time. So in the next few weeks, I intend to offer a few different ideas about practice routines at a few different levels of commitment. My hope is that perhaps these might encourage you and give you some ideas for help with your routine or your child’s, but please keep in mind these are just that, ideas. Your practice routines or your child’s could look totally different. And if it they work for you that is all that matters!

Here are some important starting points to consider:

What are your weekly and long range goals as a musician?

How many days you will set aside each week to practice?

Based on 1 & 2, how can you reasonably divide what you need to work on each week?

What motivates you and keeps you on track with goals and plans?

I can’t answer these questions for you. I may be able to help with 1 and 3, just as your teacher may, but 2 and 4 are definitely all you. Start answering these questions and in my next post I will offer some example routines.

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