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Are you a blogger? Do you have a blog that often discusses music, music appreciation, or music education? Or do you cover other areas that music is a part of, like education itself, home-schooling, entertainment, or art?

We are passionate about music and believe it to be not an extra-curricular field or subject matter, or something only for entertainment or amusement sake, but a necessary part of human existence and community.

To that end, we seek to share this passion and the importance of music and music education with the world, and the father the reach the better. The Tuned In Academy Blog is not just for our students, parents, and our local community. The blog is for all who value music, music education, and those music exists to serve.

The purpose of Bloggers Musing for Music is simple, to spread awareness of the importance of music education and appreciation. If you muse on a blog and also value the importance of music and music education, we would love to partner with you. This will help both of us extend our reach and influence on the web and around the world. By the way, I can’t take credit for this idea. A friend of mine started Bloggers For The Poor to raise awareness for a meaningful cause, but it is an excellent and potentially endless possibility for networking, and he graciously gave us permission to adapt it to our mission.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You share something significant and relevant about The Tuned In Academy or an article from our blog through your blog regularly, ideally at least once every quarter.
  2. You agree to share Tuned In Academy Blog content through your social media platforms regularly, and as you see them as valuable and significant. Again, at least once a quarter would be appreciated.
  3. When posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram please use the hashtag #bloggersmusing4music.
  4. The Tuned In Academy will list you and your blog as blog partners on our website.
  5. Please keep in mind that we have a specific mission and purpose, and if we find that your blog material is an unfit match for our values and mission we may have to revisit this partnership or even sever it. We do not need to agree on everything to partner in this way, but we will not budge on our values or mission.

Ready to be a part of a movement? Apply here.

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