Public and Private School Students

In this post I will continue answering the question, why TIA, in regards to public and private school students. See post one and two here.

Lacey Spring Fun Fair 2015

Many students in our public and private schools want and need something they simply can’t get at their school. You won’t find group classes in piano, guitar, or percussion in most schools. But you will at TIA. Many of our group classes were born in response this need, and parents calling us and asking.. “do you have..? And I can almost guarantee you won’t find a class in songwriting in most public or private schools, but we are going to have a blast in songwriting this summer! I can’t wait!

In addition to group classes, we do of course offer private lessons as well for those who want to go that route. And we love teaching them! There is something unique, special, and deeply personal about private music lessons. More on that a bit later, but by the way, most schools don’t start with instruments until around 5th grade, maybe 4th. We have students starting as young as 5 at TIA!

We are here to help

Of course, there are more reasons we need to be here for our public/private school students as well. We are here to help!

  • We’re here to provide more personal and attentive mentor-like help along the musical journey to students.
  • We’re here to help correct problematic habits and under prepared understandings of the instrument or music as a whole.
  • We are not here to take away from the programs that these schools run.
  • We are here to help, come along side, augment… and students that come to us from the schools will be better prepared to be not just a participant in their school, but to be an asset to their program!


The Tuned In Academy as all serious music study is not just an extra-curricular activity or one more thing to do:

Music is an investment into you or your child’s ability, discipline, cognitive ability, human expression, and of course, the ability to make music and have more fun!







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