Meeting so many wonderful families at  The Lacey Spring Fun Fair this weekend was a great opportunity to find out what parents and students are looking for, and what they most want to know about an academy like ours. A common question I encountered was: what makes us different? This is an important question!


Our classes are designed with community and friendships in mind as a goal. You can take lessons anywhere. Although you can’t find conservatory trained or qualified educators just anywhere. But while private lessons are an excellent way to grow as a musician, apart from learning in a group, like the group class, ensemble, and lab formats that we offer—you could be missing out big!

Learning the discipline of music and making music are so much more than just learning to read music, interpret rhythms, and play the right notes and chords with beauty and expression. Oh, we will teach you all those for sure. We will take you as deep as you want to go in them, maybe even deeper!

But we all realize that some of the most profound and important relationships that we’ve ever had in life are those we made through a band we played in, a choir we sang in, a group we toured with, etc. And we want you to have that too! This is one important reason our focus is on group classes: so you can have both the detailed and specific, individualized attention of a private lesson, and the community and team environment of a group. We accomplish both by keeping class sizes small, having a team of student mentors helping in our classes, and having mentor sessions FREE to all TIA students one hour a week.

So what are you waiting for? Find a group class to plug into this summer.

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