We are more concerned with identity than image. What does that mean? It is simple really. We know who we are. We know what we are here to do. And a part of that is to help people find opportunity for expression, fun, and community through music and art.

What we do matters more than where we hold classes or lessons. We have a studio. It is clean, professional, and it serves its purpose. For fifteen years, Jenna and I taught music out of our home. When the academy first began here in the South Puget Sound we were in our little townhome apartment in Lacey.

A couple of young flutists in our combo class working out a tune.

A couple of young flutists in our combo class working out a tune.


We later held classes and lessons in our home in Olympia, then at Fertile Grounds, and in the basement of Reality Church. We held lessons and classes in all of these places before we ever signed a lease on a building. Each of these locations filled a need at the time: a space to make music and develop meaningful musical student/teacher relationships.

That is what matters to us. One day we may move into another studio, or have multiple studios even. We will do what the TIA board of directors and I believe is best for the community we serve. Doing things this way has enabled us to keep tuition rates affordable so we can serve more families. Because what we do is about purpose, not place.

Some of the most amazing musicians we know have also taught out of their living rooms (and many still do). Rudy Van Gelder, one of the most prolific and talented recording engineers of all time set a standard for music excellence…. recording in his parent’s living room! A few small companies you may have heard of like Apple, Google, and Harley Davidson started in their garages. If you want to talk about education, one of the nation’s top private colleges started in a church basement! And we think that is just a spectacular legacy. Because all of these people, companies, and this college (just to name a few) were more about the people they serve and their purpose for existence than the panache of their building or the politics of where they accomplished their work.

We also want our students to know that they don’t need ridiculous limitations. If they have a dream, an idea, something they believe deeply they are called to do, we want to help them do it. Whether that be in a basement, a garage, or a commercial property. Because we are about people more than anything else. Music and art matter and make a difference in the lives of people.


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