Pay Tuition Online

You may use our online payment gateway and make note of the class you wish to pay for. You can pay for an entire semester or you can pay for one month. You may choose to pay by check or cash as well. If you pay by check please make your *checks payable to The Tuned In Academy for Olympia/Lacey classes, for all other classes make them out directly to the Tuned In faculty member….Click here Pay Online »



Support Us

From the beginning, (we first conceived the idea of The Tuned In Academy in Arkansas in 2012) we have decided that Tuned In would be an academy for all people. To that end, we seek to make scholarships available to as many students as possible as well as instruments (either donated to the student directly or to the Academy for borrowed use).…Click here to learn more about Supporting Us »



Tuned In Academy Photo Album

Check out our photo albums of our classes, events, and performance opportunities. This is a work in progress. There will be more albums to come! Click here to view »