Guitar and Bass  Faculty (Also Piano)

David Bell, Bass and Guitar Faculty at TIA.

David is passionate about three things, one is music. He taught himself to play the mandolin at age nine and progressed to guitar. A music teacher had him making music before audiences at age ten and he played his first paid gig with a band at age thirteen. In high school, he branched from choral singing to playing bass viol with the school orchestra. In addition to academic scholarships as an honor student, he entered university as a music education major with additional scholarships in voice and bass.

David is a multi-disciplinary musician playing guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards on stage, television, and recording studios across many styles and genres in a multitude of venues (except behind chicken wire…he has a firm conviction against gigs that require chicken wire for protection).

David’s second passion is teaching. His mother was a career educator and a leader in the profession. Her inspiration taught him how to learn and how to teach. Most of his day jobs have involved teaching children and adults over a myriad of subjects. He feels the way to master a subject is to teach it to others. Teaching forces the teacher to reexamine the subject in order to articulate for the way each student learns, and David is a lifetime learner.

His third passion? Suffice it to say you’ll quickly find that out when you get to know him. David talks about the things he loves to people he likes. He likes most people he meets, and he talks…a lot. Most importantly, as with all of our TIA Faculty, David is an excellent fit with our values and mission and we are excited about welcoming him to the team!

Call today to learn guitar or bass with David. David also teaches piano.


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