Yesterday was our first annual winter presentation. We did not get a chance to tell the story of all of our students that presented. We wanted to let their smiles and the music speak for itself for presentation. But I wanted to briefly paint a broader picture of just some of what we have been so thankful to be a part of at Tuned In this last year with our group classes:

We had our Rhythm & Melody and First Notes students that have come so far! Each and every one of these students has learned to accurately read basic melody and rhythms and play them both on two different instruments (drums and recorder)! That’s something! And they have done that in just six months or less.

Our Instrumental Immersion students presented as well, half of which have only been studying with us for two months! And all of them are reading and playing music, and even able to play on demand as I call out scale degrees (which is a pretty big deal).

And we had three of our KAB students (one had a prior engagement) playing a full piece of arranged music together, each on independent parts, after only two months of study!

We are so excited to work with all of these fine students and look forward to seeing and hearing what they will do in the future. Thanks so much for making music with us!
More to follow on our private students…

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