Mortimer Alder wrote, “The person who says he knows what he thinks but cannot express it usually does not know what he thinks.” This quote explains one of the many reasons that an arts academy like The Tuned In Academy would host a book club and reading class. Because who we are as artists and musicians and who we are as people cannot be separated. And as educators and staff, we all want to be people that are as effective in communicating as we are passionate, about what we think, what we believe, and what matters to us. Reading is one of the most powerful and proven effective methods of learning to communicate thoughts.


As with all of our classes, what we are doing is a direct result of a need in the community. This class is really an Olympia/Lacey homeschool co-op class, hosted by TIA. Jenna and I were a part of a wonderful co-op in Arkansas and didn’t find anything like that when we first moved here, so we started a little FB page. It hasn’t garnered a whole lot of interest until recently, but we have had a good handful of families interested in a class like this. And so, here we are.

There is no cost for this class. It’s a homeschool reading group which many TIA homeschool families may choose to be a part of, and it is led by a TIA faculty member (me). But you do not need to be a TIA student, the class is open to any homeschooler that agrees with our values and chooses to be a part. Another major reason we’re doing this is because as homeschool parents and educators, we are passionate about reading. I happen to believe that reading classic literature is extremely important and foundational for logic, discipline, communication, and creativity. So, if you have a homeschooled children ages 11 and up and would like to be a part, drop us a line! And parents are most certainly welcome to join in the class, the reading, and the fun!

When: Tuesday’s 4-5PM (We plan to start in October)

Where: at the studio 1001 Eastside Street Suite A

What: Reading and Thinking through Classic and Contemporary Literature

We will read mostly classics and some excellent contemporary works. We will read on our own before our class meetings, but come prepared to discuss. Students will keep a reading journal and share chosen portions with the group. There will be no quizzes or tests, and no required reading assignments unless students choose to volunteer for a project. We will use Adler’s “How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading” as a guide, and I we will discuss much of its content. Students won’t need to have it, but parents, it is a book worth reading and having. I will also use “The Effective Reader” by D.J. Henry for teaching effective reading techniques.

P.s. Local public and private school students and parents are of course welcome as well, as long as you accept, respect, and will adhere to our values.


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