2016 was a very busy year at TIA, just the way we like it! Our academy is at just under 100 students now, and this is year four. Our goal from the beginning was to reach 100 by year 5. As we continue to grow at a more rapid pace than we imagined, we have made a new goal of 120 students by year 5. But more importantly, it is our sincere hope that at least 20 of those students would be students that are studying at TIA on scholarship. And this is a major focus of ours this year, to pursue relationships with people in the community that would want support us through time and resources. We will be holding a Friendraiser in the spring and we would love it if you would tell all of your South Sound friends, family, and community contacts to come! Stay Tuned!

This year we added a new piano faculty member, Jordan, who has many students doing great things. Stay tuned for a children’s composition class in the works that Jordan is planning for summer. We also added a strings faculty member, and we are so excited to have strings at TIA thanks to the addition of Julie! 

We have had some exciting moves just this month. I have interviewed a few different potential candidates to add to our team and one will be coming to the studio for a closer look at what we do, and for us to interact with him around what he sees. These are quality candidates with experience, education, and passion, and of course, more importantly, they share our mission and values.  

I already mentioned Jordan’s composition class that is in the works. This summer we will also launch songwriting classes for teens, and probably some beginning level ensembles as well. There will likely be more also as we continue to develop our new faculty members. So here’s to 2017, may it be a great time filled with music that makes a difference in the lives of those who make it and those with whom we share it!

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