We are looking at a special Rhythm and Melody class this April. We have had some public school children interested and therefore needing a later timeslot. We are getting very busy and 4:15-5PM on Wednesdays is our only option for this class. The good news for families is that our classes normally run an hour, so you will still get a great class at a discount rate, only $40 a month (or just $100 for the 10 week Spring session).

The Tuned In Academy Rhthym and Melody Class

Rhythm and Melody is one of our most popular classes. Perfect for students in 2-4th grade. Minimum investment. Call today to enroll for Spring 2016!

Drop us a line today. One of our most popular classes, this is a perfect entryway into instrumental music, perfect for students in 2-4th grade. In this class, we split each session between basic drumming and recorder. Students learn to read music, play grooves, and cadences, and have a lot of fun! This 45 minute session will be fun and fast paced for sure!

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