When we first moved in to our current building it was a last minute move that we had to make because the church that was allowing us to use their basement (for free) was ending their lease. And we were so thankful! The owner has been kind and very understanding even when the neighbors were not all that happy with us. When we first moved we were mainly private lessons and just starting a few small classes.

All that to say, we have found a much better solution that will serve the community and our growing academy so much better! Our new location is just down the road from our Eastside address at 202 Phoenix. If you have been to our presentations that we have held at Emmanuel Bible Fellowship, this building is ironically just across the street diagonally (near the Martin Way Diner and U-Haul).

The new place will be SO MUCH better for parking. This is a standalone building with our own parking lot (over a dozen spaces) and street parking. Sound will be SO MUCH better. We don’t share a building, so our drum students can play on the drums and buckets at full volume! Electric guitarists and bassists can plug in and play without being concerned about sound. And there is much more space! We have four different private lesson or smaller classrooms, one bigger classroom, and a waiting area that can double as a classroom if need be (as our current one does).

Can You Help?

We can certainly use help moving, primarily the pianos and couches. We can probably take care of the rest on our own. We will also probably need some help with painting (the place is move in ready, but we will want to add some color). We are hoping to move the pianos in the mid to late morning of April 8. If you may be able to help, we would so appreciate it. We just need a few strong folks and a trailer or truck. The piano dolly helps a lot.

We hope to get the essentials moved by the 8th so we can kick off spring in our new building!
Thanks so much for making this happen!


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