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The Tuned In Academy - Where Music Matters and Makes a Difference

Tune in to the Arts this Winter!

Most Winter Classes began in early January, but we will have a few new classes still yet to start so see below and call us today!

Take a look at our classes and if you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call. It is our goal to provide the greater Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater area with affordable and conservatory quality personalized classroom instruction. We often put classes together based on the needs of the community. That is why we are here, to serve you!

TIA is your source for guitar, voice, vocal performance, saxophone, piano, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, and drum lessons. We also have art, drawing, and painting lessons. Our unique teaching philosophy and methods give you the best of both worlds; the relational and personal, hands-on teaching experience of a private lesson, and the fun/community environment of a group class—for half the price of a private lesson!

We have classes for home-schoolers and those who do not have daytime obligations, as well as for those who attend public or private school and need a late afternoon class. We also have evening classes perfect for adults, like our KAB, Vox Acapella, and In the Mode classes.

As of January 27, 2016


We are very pleased to announce that we will be enrolling for new group classes in strings for home-school students. Our violin classes are designed to enthusiastically develop students in the fine technique of string playing, while encouraging a love and respect for the gift of music.

Beginning Strings for Grades 2-5 (Wednesdays) 10:00-11:00

Beginning Strings for Grades 6-8 (Wednesdays) 11:00-12:00

These classes will fill up fast. Tuition is just $50 a month for our elementary classes.


Band and Percussion


Our band and percussion classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of the instruments, the reading of music melody and rhythm, and lead students in making music in having fun, all in a fun group environment.

Rhythm, Melody, and KAB (Wednesdays) 1:00-2:00PM: This is a perfect entryway into instrumental music, perfect for students in 2-4th grade. In this class, we split the hour between basic drumming and recorder. Students learn to read music, play grooves, and cadences, and have a lot of fun! And for even more music, after 8 weeks we will add piano! That’s three instruments in one class! This class is full, but we will launch another section this Spring. Call now, get on the list.


Piano, Keyboard, and Synthesis

Our piano, keyboard, and synthesis classes offer a range of opportunities to learn the art of piano and keyboard, and even wind synthesis, all in a fun group environment.

KAB Teens (Thursday Evenings) 5:00-6:00PM:  We have had a lot of interest in Kids KAB this month! So much we have opened up a third section and will launch as soon as we fill the FIVE slots which will move fast! Tuition is just $80 a month. You won’t find an opportunity like this, and the slots will go quickly, so call us today. ENROLLING NOW! Class will start as soon as it is full.

Adult KAB : a nine-week piano/keyboard class for absolute beginners in a small group format. This class is perfect for adults and seniors. Enjoy the benefits of a private lessons and the fun and community of a group class, all with our conservatory trained, seasoned, and experienced music educators, at group discount prices. You won’t find an opportunity like this, and the FIVE slots will go quickly.  We are currently enrolling for adults looking for a daytime  or early evening class. Just $180 for the whole course. Call or email us today.



Choir & Vocal


Our choir and vocal classes offer a range of opportunities to learn the art of voice and singing in a group: learn to harmonize, to sing acapella, and most importantly, to have fun!

Jr. Vox Acapella Vocal Ensemble (Mondays) 1-2PM: This class will resume in July.  Call now to get on the list.

Vox Acapella Vocal Ensemble

The Vox Acapella Vocal Ensemble (For adult students who already have basic speakability and vocal ability.)



The Dragonborn

Do you want to learn guitar this fall? Our GAB class (Guitar for Absolute Beginners) is the perfect entry into guitar with no prior experience. Space is limited. Sign up now for one of our winter sessions and be playing songs this winter on guitar!

Music Monday’s with Ben: Ben Vincent, our student-teacher does have limited openings for private lessons in guitar as well. Ben is a skilled musician and an excellent teacher. For  one-on one lessons that are fun and just the right pace for you, give us a call and make Monday afternoons music making time with Ben.

guitar studies with Ben

GAB (Tuesdays) 2:30-3:30PM: This class is taught by our student teacher, Ben Vincent. Ben is a skilled teenager under the mentoring of TIA faculty and an adult TIA faculty member will be present and supervising each class at all times. Ben is a junior in High School this year and comes to the academy with full recommendation of leaders in his community network, and having previously proven himself as a mentor in our Eastside Elements ensemble. As a student taught class the tuition is at the elementary rate (just $50 a month). Our fall class went so well we can’t wait to hear GAB at presentation this December. Enrolling now and space will fill up fast, so call today.




Imagination Art (Pilot Program)

Come be a part of our pilot program for including visual arts at the academy, Imagination Art.

Kristin demonstrates art by hand to a handful of Saturday afternoon students.
Younger Years Art: This class is perfect for students 5-10 years of age. In Younger Years Art, students will explore various mediums and techniques to help their creativity and imagination soar. This lighthearted, engaging class will be suited to their age level and offers group and individualized instruction on a new project each class. Lots of colorful fun. There is a  $10 materials fee for this class. This frees you up from having to buy supplies. You just show up ready to learn, create, and have fun. We have a class starting in February. Call today for details.



Reading (A FREE Community Reading Program)

Come be a part of our free reading program for including the enjoyment and study of reading literature as art at the academy.


Reading and Thinking through Classic and Contemporary Literature Tuesday’s 4:30-5:30PM: There is no cost for this class. That is correct. This is a FREE reading program. It’s a homeschool reading group which many TIA homeschool families may choose to be a part of, and it is led by a TIA faculty member (SD). But you do not need to be an enrolled TIA student, or even a homeschooler necessarily. The class is open to any student that agrees with our values and chooses to be a part. We are passionate about reading. And we believe that reading classic literature is extremely important and foundational for logic, discipline, communication, and creativity. So, if you have a homeschooled children ages 11 and up and would like to be a part, drop us a line! And parents are most certainly welcome to join in the class, the reading, and the fun! This group has already started, but give us a call if you’d like to join.

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    I would love to find out more about your summer programs. My kids love music!

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