I’m so excited to start our reading group!

We will meet Tuesday’s 4-5PM at the studio, and have our first meeting October 6. We will start with To Sir with Love by E. R. Braithwaite.

to sir with love

It is also a great movie, which would be wonderful to watch but only after we finish reading it. Please do not watch it or have your children watch it prior.

I have seen the book used, with shipping for about $5 on Half.com. Amazon also has some great deals on it, including new for about $7.

You do not need to begin before October 6. Actually, I would rather suggest you do not as I will be teaching a bit on how we will first begin the reading when we meet on the 6th. From then on out we will read on our own before our class meetings, but come prepared to discuss.

Students will keep a reading journal and share chosen portions with the group, so they will need a notebook and pencil or pen of some sorts in addition to the book. There will be no quizzes or tests, and no required reading assignments unless students choose to volunteer for a project.

See you then!

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