We had a great time at our end of year presentation! Private students and groups alike were a joy to watch and hear. See some of the candid shots below.


We had a great first week back in session last week! We added nearly 20 students last week alone! 2016 has been a great year so far. Our goal is to add at least 20 students this fall. This puts us well on target to reach and exceed our initial goal of 120 students by our fifth year.

This summer has been a pivotal point for us, adding Strings to the academy! We will have a new section of beginning strings for homeschool students opening in the fall as well, so spread the word! We also launched a new section of KAB Kids with Jordan (a new and welcome addition to the piano faculty)! Jr. Vox Acapella is back up and running with 10 vocalists! And we launched two summer sections of Art and a new section of GAB.

We have a few NEEDS: We are so excited about adding woodwinds this summer (clarinet and sax). In fact, the plan is to offer two separate classes this fall for Instrumental Immersion (Beginning Woodwinds and Beginning Brass). This we hope will allow for a more focused attention with students on these two vastly different instrument families. But we are currently renting a clarinet and sax for TIA as we like to have the instrument on hand to be able to demonstrate and play along with students. If you know anyone that has a clarinet or sax in working condition that is no longer being used, we could sure use the donation (tax deductible).

Did you see the article on TIA in Thurston Talk? Shelly Metzger told the story well. Please share with friends you know and help us tell the story. It is all about you, the people we serve, and the community. Shelly also took some beautiful photos not in the article, but that can be seen here. Again, please share, help us tell the story, even through imagery.

Thanks so much!


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