In full disclosure, I would not call this a frequently asked question. I would however say that this is a question we have been asked more and more in recent years. I think the question itself on the lips of parents speaks to two primary realities that I would like to address first, and then I will answer the question.

  1. Reality one: Parents love their children and they want them to be happy, to enjoy what they are doing and learning (including music study), and to know that they are making a worthwhile investment in the lives of their children.

These are valid and important truths! We want your children to be happy just as you should. We want them to enjoy what they are doing. In fact, we want them to love music and find great joy and fun in it every day! And absolutely, we want you and ideally even your children to appreciate the investment you are making in their music.

  1. Reality two: Because of reality one, parents often will consider that what may appear to be a lack of enjoyment or care in their music, a child may simply be done with music study or perhaps need to change instruments, etc.…

The problem with reality two is that is not necessarily a logical conclusion. If a student is not enjoying their music study, changing instruments or giving up is not a so much a solution to the problem as it is simply addressing a symptom. We would love to work with you if a child is not enjoying their instrument, their lessons, or music as a whole. What they need is to find joy in it again, or for the first time. And this may require some help from you, which is worth the investment I can assure you.

But let me explain further why changing instruments or giving up is not a positive response.

  • It teaches the child that giving up is a healthy response to a frustration, difficulty, or lack of joy.
  • It misses a fundamental driving truth of why we teach music and why I hope your child began. Music is not just an art, or an extra-curricular activity, or program. Music is a discipline and a necessary part of any well-rounded education.
  • You can never get back the years you have lost. I know countless adults and even teens that stopped learning music at some point in life. Not one of them says “I’m so glad I gave up the ____.” But every one that I ever talk to about it says, “I so wish I never would have given up on music. I wish I could still play.”

Do you or your child need encouragement? Are they struggling to find joy in music? Give us a call. We would love to chat about it! And we are here to work with you and your children to work through it as well.

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