Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey residents, do you Home-school your children?

Are you looking to enroll them in a music program this winter? Our Rhythm and Melody class was created by popular parent request, and it is back this fall! The class is split between a period of time spent learning to read music and play the recorder, and learning to read, interpret, and play rhythms on a drum pad and bucket with drum sticks (basic drumming technique and skills).

Tuition is just is very affordable. In fact, private lessons would cost $20 per half-hour, that’s nearly twice as much!

The up-front/instrument cost is fairly low: you simply need a drum pad, sticks, recorder, and a book.

Students are loving our Rhythm and Melody class!

“She absolutely loves this class. She is so enthusiastic about practicing at home and is so happy when she gets a tune down!”

“My boys came home very inspired watching Sean-David play his blue LED lit digital trumpet at The Tuned In Academy today. Did I really just promise them a digital synthesizer instrument if they take music seriously and learn to read and play music well? I’m excited to see them inspired! Aaron was playing the Star Wars theme song on the piano today! Thanks Sean-David!”

Class meets Wednesdays 1-2PM and will begin this winter as soon as we have enough for a class. Call today.

The goal in this course is to learn, and have a whole mess of fun!


Give us a call today or click the Enroll Now button at the top of the page.

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