one yearAs we have been talking and reflecting on this first year since moving from Fort Smith Arkansas to Lacey, WA we are amazed at just how many ways we have been blessed this year. Probably some of the most significant milestones we have seen this year are:


  • The publishing of The Tuned In Musician
  • The launch of The Tuned In Academy
  • The birth of a healthy baby boy (who is now 10 months)
  • A relationship with a local organization for use of a space for teaching, training, and presentation downtown
  • Many growing relationships with potential partners in the area
  • The addition of a guitar faculty member and collaborator (Rob)
  • A few great early opportunities for the Tuned In faculty group (Jazz In Common) to play and make connections
  • I have composed about half of the music for what will be the first Jazz In Common recording project (2015)
  • I have completed all but the project for my doctorate


  • Between the three of us (Rob, Jenna, and I), we have at least eleven regular private lesson students at the academy, and one small group—all in year one!

We moved here a year ago this June. But the academy didn’t officially begin enrolling students until the fall, so really for the academy this just marks nine months. Our hearts are thankful for this movement, and we are excited about the next year to come. I will follow up next week with some of what we are hoping and looking forward to in the coming year, lots of great things!

Thanks so much for following, and for your support!

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