Do you know any wounded warriors? Research has proven music to be very effective for lifting the spirits and even relieving phantom pain. We will be starting a new FREE music education program very soon for combat veterans suffering from PTSD and other combat related wounds and illnesses. We already have at least one hour blocked off for a special class just for our local wounded warriors, and we hope to launch very soon. We are looking to connect with those that would like to take part in such a class, and those who may be interested in helping make it happen.

I do not like asking people for money. It is the one part of directing a local non-profit that I do not enjoy. But money is needed to run facilities and programs. Our Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraisers have been helping (just about $200 last month), and we have had a few monthly partners sign on to give $10 a month recently. Just another handful and we could run this program easily. Running a free program does mean hours of studio time that we cannot book tuition paying students in, so we could use your support.

Drop us a line for more info, if you know a wounded warrior that would be helped and encouraged by this program, or if you’d like to help us make this happen.

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