Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater residents:


Are you looking to do something different this summer? Something fun?

Summer session is just eight weeks away! Make it a music or art summer! We have classes for adults, classes for children, and classes for teens. Learn to play the piano, trumpet, saxophone, or trombone. Maybe you want to sing in an acapella group? We also have music classes for young children in basic rhythm and melody (one of our most popular classes).

The Tuned In Academy Rhthym and Melody Class

Rhythm and Melody is one of our most popular classes. Perfect for students in 3-5th grade. Minimum investment. Class meets Tuesdays 1-2PM and starts July 7! Enroll now!


We also have painting, drawing, and arts and crafts. Our art teacher has over twenty years of experience as a Northwest artist and teaching in the classroom. Learn from our passionate artists and educators and have a blast learning in the classroom with your peers.

Our professional musician-educators have over 15 years of experience. Each one is conservatory trained or conservatory qualified, they love what they do, and love to teach in a fun and relational way. All of our group classes are affordable and held right downtown Olympia in our safe and friendly facility. Support local arts education. TIA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit music academy you can trust, with the accountability of our great board of directors.


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