The Dragonborn

Perfect for homeschoolers (class meets Tuesdays 2:30-3:30PM), this class is taught by our student teacher, Ben Vincent. Ben is a skilled teenager under the mentoring of TIA faculty and an adult TIA faculty member will be present and supervising each class at all times. Ben is a junior in High School this year and comes to the academy with full recommendation of leaders in his community network, and having previously proven himself as a mentor in our Eastside Elements ensemble. As a student taught class, the tuition is at the elementary rate (just $175 for the 14 weeks). Our fall class went so well we can’t wait to hear GAB at presentation this December. You won’t find a great deal like that.

This class is the best of both world’s, the low cost of a group class with the careful attention of a fun teacher that cares about his students. And kid’s love Ben because as a mature high-school student he’s still a big kid at heart. In Ben’s class, students have fun, play as a group, and will be playing chords and melody in just a month or so! Winter classes start January 5 and will fill up fast, so call today.

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